Central Vacuum Cleaning System, boone nc

Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems Are Hassle Free

There are plenty of annoying things about portable vacuum cleaners. They’re heavy, they make it difficult to clean stairs and the cords tangle very easily. If you’re tired of your traditional vacuum cleaner, consult with A1 Vacuum Solutions, LLC of Boone and Huntersville, NC about installing a central vacuum cleaner in your new construction or existing home.

We offer the kits in-store so you can install it yourself, or you can hire us to install it for you. We offer power units, tool kits, accessories and inlets for the system. We also sell closed bag systems, which allows you to empty the vacuum without having to see, touch or smell the debris.

Reach out to us today to learn about installing a central vacuum system in your home. Call 828-264-1515 to reach our Boone location or 704-895-5454 to contact our Huntersville location.

4 benefits of a central vacuum system

With the advent of central vacuum systems, cleaning your carpets has never been easier. Here are a few of the advantages of installing one:
  1. Minimize vacuum cleaner noise
  2. Never worry about carrying your vacuum to a different floor
  3. Stop tripping over vacuum cords
  4. Improve the value of your home

Let A1 Vacuum Solutions bring a central vacuum cleaning system to your home.